ZDNet: Evan Leibovitch — Elian, Microsoft and Linux [MS Breakup “Just Dumb”]

“In the part that’s relevant to the Linux world, it seems that
the DOJ and the 19 states involved in the antitrust action smell
blood. Buoyed by Judge Jackson’s rulings, prosecutors may be
pushing for a two- or three-way split of Microsoft. Maybe the
government just has a penchant for violent family breakups. They’re
certainly dramatic and make for great sound bites, but are they the
best answer?”

“At this point I agree with Microsoft, one of the few times
I ever anticipate doing so. A split of Big Bill into two or three
Baby Bills offers few gains for those who compete against
To me it’s just dumb.”

“Having two smaller, dirty-playing bullies doesn’t strike me as
creating a more competitive environment than having one big bully.
The operating system vendor piece, in whatever form it takes, will
still be left free use the same kinds of tactics that led to the
Caldera lawsuit and to the original spat with Netscape that started
the DOJ action in the first place. The OS arm will still have more
than 90 percent of the desktop space, and will be able to lead
hardware vendors and application vendors around by their corporate

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