ZDNet: Evan Leibovitch — Maple leaf Linux

“Last week I was knee-deep in Comdex Canada, helping
with the sizable Linux Pavilion there, presenting the lone Linux
session outside of the Linux Pavilion, and even showing some
out-of-towners around.

“I was also knee-deep in the culture shock which is accompanying
the Linux migration from niche to mainstream.”

“It was 10 to 20 times more impressive than last year,”
volunteer Jan Carlson told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
for its national radio newscast. Jan was comparing this year’s
Linux presence — a large Linux Pavilion theater and demonstration
area surrounded by about a dozen vendors, each in booths 8- by
10-feet or larger — to the meager 10- by 20-foot booth that housed
the entire Linux display last year.”

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