ZDNet: Firefox? Bah Humbug, I Say

“Firefox has been getting a lot of press lately. Firefox is free
software in the Stallman-sanctioned sense–released under a GPL
license and built atop technology developed for the Mozilla
project. Everybody LOVES Firefox. Not only is it a great browser,
but it will make your teeth whiter and secure you a date with
Carmen Electra.

“Okay, perhaps I exaggerate, but on that note, I
haven’t seen ANYONE criticize Firefox. To a
certain extent, this is because it is the best alternative in a
world dominated by Internet Explorer (cue Opera/Safari/Konqueror
fans to go into a frothing rage). On the other hand, as I can
personally attest, it is politically incorrect in the extreme to
criticize anything stamped with the open source moniker…”