ZDNet: Linux-based [Mitel] file server eases remote management

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“Mitel Networks’ SME Server 5 provides a comprehensive
set of network services bundled together in a turnkey solution to
create a network file and print server for clients on a local area
network–all built on a highly stable and secure Linux platform.
The entire package is streamlined to operate in an extremely
efficient manner, which means that many “extras” packaged with
other Linux distributions (such as X or GCC) are not included.
Although a complete installation commands as little as 320MB,
naturally the product is designed to run on much larger systems, as
storage for user files is necessary.

The product includes virtually every service a network
administrator might need to consolidate networking services. In
addition to providing file and print servers, SME Server also
functions as a gateway to provide an interface between a LAN and
the Internet–with firewall capability to protect the server and
LAN from outside intrusion. It also provides an entire suite of
application servers, (including Apache Web server) that lets users
host their own Web pages, an FTP server, and an e-mail server

For internal networks, the product ships with a broad set of
services that allow it to function in the role of a Windows NT/2000
file server. Since SME Server provides these services for Linux–a
platform that’s more stable than Windows NT/2000–updates, patches,
and new software can be installed on an SME Server without the need
to reboot the server each time. Compare this to Windows 2000M,
which requires a server reboot for each “critical update
notification” that appears on an Administrator’s screen.”

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