ZDNet: Linux Expo?

“When I attended the Bazaar conference in New York in December
and found it wanting, I ended my commentary with the hope that
users looking for a high-caliber technical conference would at
least be able to go to a Linux Expo in North Carolina.”

“Oh well, it looks like that ain’t going to happen. The original
Linux Expo is dead, at least this year. Problem is, nobody knows.
It’s only been within the last couple of weeks that I could confirm
for myself that it won’t happen, and the Linux Expo home page, as
of this writing, hasn’t been updated since the ’99 show

I guess it was inevitable that the laid back atmosphere
couldn’t be sustained as suits took over the Linux companies,
newcomers sought to stake their claims in this world, and we
started attracting open source tire-kickers.
The 1999 Linux
Expo was as much trade show as techie conference, and, alas,
offered the Linux world its first display of competitive politics.
The bloom was off, never to recover, perhaps. It was just too far
from an event so cozy that Red Hat President Bob Young originally
posted Linux Expo invitations himself.”

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