ZDNet: RealNetworks Puts Linux In The Stream Of Things

“In another step toward “mainstreaming” Linux, RealNetworks said
it will bundle its streaming media server and player with the
Red Hat
version of the operating system to increase its use
among online content providers, including news and business

“”Streaming media is the hot application right now” for major
content providers, online retailers and even within the enterprise,
said Billy Marshall, director of product management at Red Hat
(www.redhat.com). CNN, for one, is a current user of Linux as the
server operating system managing streaming media.”

“Streaming audio and video are the two common denominator
applications used, but the RealNetworks media server bundle,
RealSystem G2, can handle those, plus 18 additional types of
multimedia content, such as JPEG images and Macromedia’s Flash

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