ZDNet: Review — Cobalt RaQ 2

“The RaQ 2 uses small-business logic to bring easy-to-use Web
services to the ISP.”

“Cobalt Networks has spawned another… Like the Qube, the RaQ 2
is a network server appliance that provides Web and other network
services. But though the Qube 2 is well suited for the small to
medium-size office, the RaQ 2 (and the RaQ before it) is designed
specifically for ISPs and larger networks.”

“As in other Cobalt products, Linux (kernel 2.0.34) is at the
heart of the RaQ 2… Cobalt has also equipped the RaQ 2 with DNS,
FTP, POP3 and IMAP4, SMTP, and telnet. Each service is configurable
through the excellent Web interface to the level of a virtual
domain. Of course,… you can telnet in and tweak to your heart’s

“ISP and enterprise administrators looking for a
quick-deploying server for hosting multiple Web sites should find
the RaQ 2 an excellent choice.”

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