ZDNet: This ain’t no tradeshow – A reshaped SCO rallies the troops or at least tries to soothe them

Part pep rally, part study session, part sales pitch, and
part schmoozefest, Forum has a far different atmosphere than any
conventional tradeshow.
In addition to keynotes from the usual
industry suspects, previous Forums (or is that Fora?) have brought
the likes of Dilbert creator Scott Adams and various rock bands to
the secluded hills of the UC Santa Cruz campus. If nothing else,
what sets this gathering apart from what most Linux fans are used
to is that this one actually has a significant female component —
a certain indicator of the SCO crowd’s advanced maturity….”

“This year, however, it wasn’t quite the same. With the Caldera
purchase of SCO just weeks old, everyone was still digesting the
news. A significant contingent from Caldera was here to listen and
to be heard, and to calm the uneasiness of an SCO community
understandably nervous about the takeover.”

“I’m not sure it had completely sunk in, to those assembled,
that the company known as SCO will no longer exist very soon. Most
of its Unix-related assets, as well as its worldwide infrastructure
and development teams will go to Caldera. Once the deal is
finalized, the company will become the top Linux vendor in terms of
staff size, global reach and revenue. Caldera will have rights to
use the SCO tree logo and the letters SCO in the marketing of
existing products, though it’s not certain how long the SCO
branding will stick around.”

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