ZDNet UK: Eye2Eye: Dirk Hohndel of SuSE Linux, Part II

“Dirk Hohndel, chief technology officer with SuSE Linux, talks
about Intel’s Trillium project, the advent of 64-bit computing and
the paradigm shift that open source represents. This exclusive
Eye2Eye interview with ZDNet’s Will Knight, concludes

“How do you see Window 2000 affecting the position of Linux in
the server market?”

I see Windows 2000 as a big chance. If you look at the
administration interface, everything changes. Many old applications
don’t work anymore. So, if a company is considering moving to
Windows 2000, they’re considering retraining their staff

moving to new applications. That is the point in time when we need
to talk to them. If they want to move to Windows 2000, they can
move to Linux. We have, I think, for many people, a much more
attractive offering here. I view 2000 as a big opportunity for