ZDNet UK: Linux to star on silver screen – Antitrust, the movie

“The movie Antitrust, set to open 12 January, pits the open
source movement against a multibillion-dollar technology company in
the Pacific Northwest that, according to promos, “will stop at
nothing” to maintain control of the computing world. “There is no
second place,” the film’s official Web site states.”

“The plot apparently goes something like this: the movie’s
computer-whiz hero, Milo, turns down launching a startup with a
friend and instead goes to work for the malevolent company, called
Winston. He soon discovers the company’s evil tactics and attempts
to save the day.”

“The film promises to be a Linux lover’s dream, featuring shots
of the Gnome desktop, consulting work by Linux leaders, and cameos
by at least one of the Linux movement’s geekiest idols. To John
“Maddog” Hall, executive director of Linux International, Antitrust
is more than just a movie — it’s a crusade. “This is a way of
bringing the concept of open source and the fact that there is an
alternative to the general public, who often don’t even know that
there is one,” he said.”

“Hall, a consultant on the film, was offered a cameo, but
couldn’t make it because he had to attend a computer trade show in
China. Instead, the role went to Miguel de Icaza, Linux icon and
peppy leader of the Gnome desktop project, who in the film presents
the hero with an open source award. Sun Microsystems chief
executive Scott McNealy also appears in the film’s trailers.”


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