ZDNet UK: Sun grabs Cobalt appliances [& Cobalt details next-gen Qube & Raq]

“Cobalt’s practice of courting independent software developers
is expected to expand its range considerably. The company currently
claims over 1200 development partners, and expects that number to
top 2000 by the end of the year, according to chief executive
Stephen DeWitt.”

“…Cobalt plans to launch its next-generation Qube
later this year. Codenamed Carmel, it will be the company’s
first product aimed at the developer community, and will be easier
to configure for specific jobs than the Qube 2.
Carmel will
expose more application programming interfaces so developers will
be able to customise it and add or remove specific

“The next-generation Raq, codenamed Monterey, is due
out early next year. The hardware will be significantly beefed
up from the current Raqs, with processor speeds up to 1GHz and
support for up to four removable Raid hard disks
, product
marketing manager Peder Ulander told the firm’s partner conference
in Amsterdam this summer. Ulander said that in the short term, the
company is working to improve the backup and restore functions on
its products ­ an issue that was raised by several ISPs at the


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