ZDNet UK: Will Caldera Systems miss out on all that Linux IPO euphoria?

“Linux stocks, such as Red Hat and VA Linux, have come down from
the stratosphere, losing some of their Wall Street luster. But
losing some of Linux hype is healthy for the market, although it’s
not going to do Caldera any good. Caldera, which recently settled a
lawsuit with Microsoft, needs all the Linux hype it can

“The company, which offers Linux operating system software and
systems for specialised servers, has lost some of its good timing.
Caldera got a lot of attention in January when it filed for an IPO
in the midst of the Linux gold rush. But now it’s a different

“Put simply, there’s nothing terribly distinguishing about
Caldera, which is why we’re in for a potential so-so IPO. VA Linux
and Red Hat have gobbled up much of the mind share, and there may
not be room for many more players. Caldera said growing a brand is
one of its biggest priorities. And it will need a strong brand to
rise above the noise.”