Zope Weekly News for March 15, 2000

Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 17:20:56 -0500 (EST)
From: Mike Pelletier [email protected]
To: [email protected],
Subject: Zope Weekly News


Zope Weekly News is a digest of some of the useful and
interesting events which have occurred on the various Zope mailing
lists and the Zope.org site. It is published each Wednesday

Any opinions contained in the Zope Weekly News are those of the
chronicler exclusively (but I’m willing to share).


* The latest versions of the Zope Content Managers Guide, Z SQL
Method User’s Guide and DTML Reference Guides is available in
postscript(ps) format. With luck, the technical problems of the
previous versions have been fixed.


* Check out the new Zope Documentation Projects page that lists
current Zope documentation projects and their status.


* Martijn Faassen has established a Zope-XML mailing list. The
intent is to discuss Zope’s XML infrastructure.


New Products

* Software Product: iTrack Issue Tracker Product, by

iTrack allows a team of people to keep track of various issues
about a project. Currently this is in development stage (Version
0.2.0) but usable, as long as you follow the instructions.


* Software Product: ZGDChart Product, by “teyc”

ZGDChart uses gdchart to draw charts. This product comes with
Windows binaries and source for non-Windows platforms. This initial
development release is 0.3.


* Software Product: DTMLTemplate, by “halazar”

DTML Templates are documents that allow blocks of text to be
named and made available to other documents. The basic building
block of templates is the DTML block tag, which can also be used
with other DTML document types. Templates export their blocks.
Another new tag, the suppress tag, allows block definition without



* Software Product: jcNTUserFolder, by Jephte CLAIN

This product authenticates Zope users against an NT domain
controller. All users are encouraged to upgrade to this version,
0.0.3. Unfortunately, the upgrade is incompatible. You will lose
any role settings.


Zope.org items

* How-To: The Debugger Is Your Friend, by Michel Pelletier

This HowTo is an invaluable resource for those days where if I
get one more mysterious traceback, just one more and I swear I’ll
crack. It explains how to step through Zope code line-by-line with
the python debugger.


* How-To: How to test your products without (re)starting Zope,
by “teyc”

This HowTo describes testing Zope products within a python
interpreter without starting the Zope server. This rather speeds up
the code-test-curse-code cycle, because it allows you to quickly
reload your Product with each change.


Mike Pelletier.