11 Basic Linux NMAP command Examples for System administrators

NMAP(Network Mapping) is one of the important network monitoring tool. Which checks for what ports are opened on a machine. Some important to note about NMAP NMAP abbreviation is network mapper NMAP is used to scan ports on a machine, either local or remote machine (just you require IP/hostname to scan). NMAPis can be installed on windows, Sun Solaris machines too. NMAPcan be used to scan large networks, remember I am saying large networks. NMAPcan be used to get operating system details such as open ports, software used for a service and its version no, vendor of network card and up time of that system too(Don’t worry we will see all these things in this post. Please do not try to use NMAP on machines which you don’t have permission. Can be used by hackers to scan for systems for vulnerability. Just a funny note : You can see this NMAP used by Trinity in Matrix-II movie, when she tries to hack in to electric grid super computer.

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