5 of the Best Free and Open Source Remote Desktop Software for Linux

“The term ‘remote desktop’ refers to a software application or
an operating system feature that enables users to connect to a
computer located in different area and use or run its own programs
as if it were local. Controlling a desktop remotely is a kind of
remote administration and is often used by enterprise help desks to
provide technical support for their clients. Although remote
administration is the primary use of remote desktop software, it
can also be utilized for headless computers. Going headless means
you can control two or more computers without having to attach PC
peripherals such as mouse, monitor, and keyboard on each of

“Remote desktop software can be found in most operating systems
and platforms, and they are already supported in plenty of mobile
devices such as the iPhone (see: Remote Control Your Linux Desktop
Using the iPhone), Android and BlackBerry smartphones. Remote
desktop connectivity depends upon any of a number of protocols such
as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Virtual Network Computing (VNC),
Remote Frame Buffer Protocol, Apple Remote Desktop Protocol, and NX

“For those of you are interested, I have here a list of some of
the best open-source remote desktop software (in no particular
order) that you can download and use for free:”

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