6 of the Best Free Linux Digital Forensics Tools

[ Thanks to LinuxLinks for this link.

“We have extolled the virtues of open source software
in many of our previous articles. The debate between open source
and closed source software has often centered on factors such as
freedom, reliability, interoperability and open standards, support,
and philosophy.

“In this instance, open source software offers a legal benefit,
as it can increase the admissibility of digital forensic evidence.
This is because open source tools enable the investigator and court
to verify that a tool does what it claims and makes it easier to
prove that the original drive has not been modified, or that a copy
has not been modified.

“Linux has a good range of digital forensics tools that can
process data, perform data analysis of text documents, images,
videos, and executable files, present that data to the investigator
in a form that helps identify relevant data, and to search the

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