7 Open and Free Network Servers

[ Thanks to Amy Newman for this link.

“ZeroShell: ZeroShell is a Linux distribution you can load onto
PCs, servers and embedded devices. In addition to providing basic
LAN services, it offers a RADIUS server for enterprise-level Wi-Fi
security, a HTTP Proxy server with antivirus, OpenVPN server and
client, and captive portal services. Other general features include
load balancing and failover of multiple Internet connections and
Wi-Fi AP mode with multiple SSID and VLAN support.

“You can download ZeroShell as a Live CD, hard disk image,
VMware Virtual Machine, or Compact Flash image. They offer some
limited documentation in the form of developer and community
contributed articles. You may also want to check out my article
series on ZeroShell.

“RouterOS: RouterOS is the Linux-based operating system used by
the RouterBOARD product line by MikroTik. It can also be installed
onto and run from X86-based PCs and servers. Along with the basic
firewall and network services, it supports many VPN protocols,
RADIUS server and client, TFTP server, and a hotspot gateway.
Additionally, it offers various routing protocols and multiple
wireless modes.

“A basic feature-set of RouterOS is freely available and
additional functionality is offered via multiple license

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