A Pot for Sun’s Open Source Potpourri?

“After offering informational updates about its progress in the
open source realm Sun has signaled that it has made good, thus far,
on previously stated intentions to release 100% of their products
as open source. Undoubtedly, all three of the open source software
projects mentioned in the summit briefing have reached a
respectable level of critical mass and are viably relevant from an
industry-wide perspective, even if they stand juxtapose to more
popular open source alternatives. And perhaps it sounds like I’m
pulling punches by reiterating how early it is to capably comment
on whether Sun’s open source strategy ‘worked or didn’t.’
Nonetheless, I will go on record as stating that Sun should
consider better associating its open source offerings with a larger
sense of a cogent portfolio.

“Currently OpenJDK, OpenSolaris and GlassFish come off as
standalone entities with a similar page look and a Sun emblem and
copyright statement at the bottom…”

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