An OpenSolaris by Any Other Name: The Q&A

“Q: So will the resulting binary distribution carry the name

“A: That, ultimately, is the $64,000 question. As you might
expect, there are a variety of opinions on the matter. Critics of
this idea contend that it will unfairly advantage the Indiana bits,
wounding–perhaps critically–existing distributions such as
BeleniX, Nexenta et al in the process. Some go on to conclude that
the likely fallout from the demise of OpenSolaris distributions
would be devastating to the OpenSolaris community, spawning
disaffected groups of betrayed developers that would depart never
to return. At the opposite end of the spectrum, those favoring the
branding of Indiana as OpenSolaris point instead to the potential
for user confusion, where newcomers to the community are forced to
navigate between unfamiliar choices because there is no simple
OpenSolaris downloadable image. In between those viewpoints are
some that would favor a compromise approach, either by the usage of
OpenSolaris as a modifier in the distribution name or, in some
cases, by the explicit inclusion of Sun’s brand (i.e. Sun’s