Any CIO Not Using Open Source “Should be Fired”: A Conversation with CIOs

[ Thanks to Matt Asay
for this link. ]

“I’m reading through the transcript from an excellent CIO event,
the CIO Survival Guide for Web 2.0, which was co-hosted by
WaveMaker and BSG Alliance (Tuesday, November 6 at the Ritz Carlton
in San Francisco). Speakers included: Jim Sutter, former CIO of
Xerox and Rockwell International; Steve Douty, President of BSG
On-Demand Applications; Andrew Aitken, founding partner of the
Olliance Group; Lila Tretikov, CIO of SugarCRM; Larry Singer,
former CIO of the State of Georgia; Max Rayner, former CIO of
SurfControl; and (Moderator) Raven Zachary, Open Source Research,
The 451 Group.

“The conversation is wide-ranging and insightful. Here are a few
of the gems as they relate to open source…”