Apple converting the enterprise? It could happen.

[ Thanks to Ken Hess
for this link. ]

“Apple has always focused on the consumer and it remains so
today. But, will Apple be able to stay out of the data center? No,
not by choice, they won’t. As fast as Apple can manufacture them,
iPhones and iPads are beginning to pierce corporate walls. It won’t
be long until Apple products become standard fare in meetings, in
cubicles and in the data centers of the world’s largest companies.
Why? Functionality. Agility. Usability. Ubiquity. Economy.

“Economy? Oh, yes, economy. Remember my discussions of ‘bring
your own device’ in The Great Debate, The answer to the BYOD
question is virtualization or BYOD: The inevitable reality?

“Bringing your own Apple devices to work–and you know you
own more than one–will be an extreme cost savings for
companies of all sizes. And, as I’ve said before, why not use
something that you like and that you’re familiar with? Cost
savings. Happy employees. Seems like a good fit to me.”

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