As Easy As Openfiler

“Managing storage isn’t easy but Openfiler makes it less
painful. You can create NFS and CIFS shares, iSCSI targets, web
services, LDAP authentication, FTP services and Rsync services with
Openfiler. You can setup quotas to limit those annoying space hogs
and limit renegade connections with network security settings. For
universal access to network attached storage, there may be no
easier answer than Openfiler.

“Openfiler is an appliance, which means that it has a single,
specific function. When the system boots the first time, you
receive a text-based welcome screen that directs you to use the web
interface for Openfiler management.

“The Basics

“The quick method for the impatient is to download an ISO image
from the Openfiler website, burn to a CD-R, boot from the CD image
and install. This demonstration uses the Openfiler ISO x86 image.
Use at least 512MB RAM* and any standard disk (1GB or larger) for
Openfiler. Note: For a very efficient system, you can install
Openfiler to a USB pendrive.”