BBC Reports on Linux Popularity in “Mainstream” IT, Brazil

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Linux Steps Into the Limelight

“Some internet cafes in Brazil rely on Linux Major global
computer companies are now embracing Linux. IBM, for one, is
currently running a series of television and online ads proclaiming
that the future is open, as in open source computing.

“They have even enlisted author Kurt Vonnegut to help promote
the open source ideal of sharing your computer code with

“It is a far cry from the days when the only people who knew
about Linux were a small community of zealous enthusiasts…”


Brazil Falls in Love with Linux

“Behind locked doors at Sao Paulo University, Professor Arnando
Mandel has what you might call an ‘intimate’ relationship with the
science faculty computers.

“Two of the university’s computer servers have been named Kama
and Sutra, after the ancient Indian love-making manual, he

“Computer servers are rarely objects of desire, but there is
something special about Professor Mandel’s machines.

“They run Linux, an alternative to Microsoft’s globally dominant
Windows operating system…”


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