Best Browsers for Linux

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“Konqueror: Some might be tempted to claim that Firefox is the
“Swiss Army Knife” of the browser community. I beg to differ with
this train of thought, instead challenging that Konqueror easily
wins over Firefox.

“Konqueror is not a mere browser, it also offers file browsing
capabilities in addition to being able to work automatically with a
host of KDE applications. Need to view a presentation file? No
problem, Konqueror can handle this out of the box without needing
to install anything on your own. The same thing applies for image
viewing and word processing documents.

“The web browsing functionality is solid and on par with the
bigger web browsers in use today. In addition to support for KIO
plugins, you’ll find that it also works great with protocols such
as FTP and SSH.”

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