Best Linux Desktop Backup Utilities

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“Bacula – Bacula is said to be the premiere
enterprise-ready backup solution for those needing to pull out the
big guns in keeping their data secure. The plus side is its power.
This is one of the best methods of backing up servers and
workstations in an enterprise setting. Despite its power however,
it’s not for the casual user, as you will be knee-deep in
documentation before its first run. It’s powerful, but also rather
complex to use.

“Amanda– I’ve always felt like that if you’re looking for
enterprise backup without looking to roll up a solution from
scratch, Amanda is a great option. It’s most definitely easier to
use than Bacula and I don’t believe that Amanda uses
MySQL/PostgreSQL for its backups. This alone can be a huge benefit.
Like Bacula, Amanda is best suited for enterprise users looking for
a professional backup solution. Amanda is also network backup

“Mondo Rescue– Like most enterprise backup solutions,
Mondo Rescue provides great support for network backups, tape
drives and other enterprise backup needs. It should also be noted
that some very big name companies use Mondo due to its enterprise
ready dependability. After a disastrous loss of data, you can
restore everything that was lost or just as much as you

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