Business Week: How Does Microsoft Deal With Linux? Let Us Count the Ways

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“In the near future, you’ll draft your business plan on a
computer running the Linux operating system, play video games on a
Linux game machine, make phone calls on your Linux cell phone, and,
when you get cold, warm up by plopping some of those worthless
Microsoft stock certificates on the fire. That’s the dream of Linux
enthusiasts — and one nightmare for Bill Gates.”

“For such a vision (or nightmare) to come true, Microsoft (MSFT)
would have to ignore the threat from Linux until it’s too late. You
can count that out. But the software giant does face a dilemma: How
do you compete against a product that no one owns and is free?”

“Microsoft is going to have to do more than just watch the
open-source movement sap market share away from its products.
Microsoft could respond to Linux in one of three ways: ignore it,
capitulate, or co-opt it. Each strategy is fraught with risks, each
of which illustrates how dangerous Linux is to Microsoft’s

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