Business Week: The Linux Missionary Who’s Taking on Microsoft

“CEO Robert Young’s zeal is helping Red Hat grab sales from
Windows NT and creating buzz for an IPO. Will he make more inroads
with a Net strategy?”

“…Robert F. Young… doesn’t consider himself chief executive
of Red Hat Software Inc. as much as chief missionary for the
burgeoning Linux movement. … His sermon: Thanks to Linux,
computer users everywhere can finally be unshackled from the
oppressive regime known as Microsoft. ‘Would you buy a car where
the manufacturer had welded the hood shut?’ he asks. ‘Of course
not! But that’s the case if you buy Microsoft’s operating system.’

“Thanks to Young’s proselytizing… computer users are starting
to get the religion about Linux. Out of nowhere, Red Hat Linux has
grabbed roughly 10% of the server operating system market,
according to International Data Corp., stealing sales that
otherwise might have gone to Microsoft’s Windows NT.”

“Clearly, Young relishes playing David to Microsoft’s mighty
Goliath. And unlike the many other software makers who go to great
lengths to steer clear of Microsoft, Young has no fear of
challenging Gates & Co. …Young’s a true believer.”

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