BW: TechMetrix Research Releases an Exclusive, In-Depth Report Dedicated To Open Source Software

“TechMetrix Research, a technically oriented analyst firm
focused on e-business application development needs, today
announced the availability of its newest study, Open Source and
Free Software Report.”

IT managers who haven’t yet made the leap to Open Source
software probably wonder what interest they have in integrating
such programs with their information systems.
Indeed, not a
day goes by without news of Linux’s charge on the market and
software vendors.”

“Following a quick look at the history, development and
distribution of free software, which is often called Open Source
software, TechMetrix Research goes on to discuss the advantages of
using such solutions. Moreover, this report explains how
enterprises can integrate free software solutions with existing
information systems so as to take advantage of all they have to
offer. An entire chapter of the report is dedicated to “Product
Profiles,” which examine available free software solutions that are
useful to enterprises, list the pros and the cons of each product,
and explain how they are implemented.”

Press Release