BW: TheSubway.com Announces Investment Opinion on Linux Wizardry

“Some investors, particularly those who are new to the market
and do not yet have decades of investing experience under their
belts, question the Fed’s policy of raising rates. We know that the
Fed is tightening to restrain perceived inflation pressures, but
how bad could inflation get in the near-term? Most people under 30
years of age do not remember the runaway inflation of the 1970’s.
Back then, inflation accelerated across a whole decade, reaching
double-digit rates. Although there is no comparison between the
behavior of the monetary data in the 1970’s and current data, the
prospect of runaway inflation remains a fear for most investors and
for the Fed, whose job it is to protect against such future
occurrences.” Stated Peter Antipatis.”

“Linux Wizardry Inc. just announced that an agreement has been
completed with Programmer’s Paradise to sell thier LinuxWizardry
Apprentice router through its many catalogs and through its web
site: www.programmersparadise.com. Production units of the
Apprentice router are scheduled to be launched August of this

The LinuxWizardry router will allow small to medium
businesses to take control of their network for the first time
because of the user friendly features that will not require an
expensive network specialist to configure.
The router business
is presently dominated by Cisco Systems which supplies the current
Microsoft Windows based system.”

Press Release

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