Bynari.com: Mission Critical Experiences with Linux

“This paper explores the author’s experiences with Linux in
mission critical business applications. Recent developments help
provide a positive framework for corporate adoption and deployment
of Linux.
Linux packagers and vendors must be conscious of
what software packages are needed to ensure that business needs are
met. The most important of all the needs is efficient and cost
effective support.”

“An Obvious Conclusion:
Chicken Little had to learn that the sky is not falling down.
Likewise, those who perpetrate fear, uncertainty and who sow the
seeds of doubt have yet to learn that there are many alternative
solutions to business needs. The companies mentioned above clearly
are content with Linux as a core business management and operation
tool and obviously believe that Linux is a more than business ready
alternative to the high priced, high licence fee products of other
evil empires.”

“Linux is a proven business stable operating system today. It
has every capacity to delivery tomorrows demands today. Linux is a
highly dependable operating system for which there are generally
more than one possible packages to provide just about any service,
capability or feature any site may need.”