CBS MarketWatch: Corel takes stake in Linux company

“Corel Corp. announced Wednesday that it plans to take 30
percent ownership of Newlix, an Ottawa-based Linux-related

“Newlix makes networking server software for small and
midsized businesses, called Omega. It’s designed to connect up to
50 personal computers to the Internet and network printers.

Newlix is the second Linux-related company in which Corel has made
a purchase, as Corel last month took a third stake of Linux service
and support company LinuxForce.”

“… the company is working on completing a WordPerfect suite
for Linux, due early this year.

“The company’s sixfold share-price gains in November and
December were substantially sliced after Corel said in late
December that lower-than-expected revenues will lead to a likely
loss of approximately 14 cents a share in its to-be-reported

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