Check Apache Server Status From a Web Page

“Sometimes you want to see how your server is doing without
SSH’ing into the system. One way to do this is to set up a Web page
that shows Apache status. Sound difficult? Not really, it’s a
default module for Apache and easy to enable.

“What you can see from the status page, assuming you enable the
extended status directive, is the server time, uptime, CPU usage,
number of requests per second, and which VHosts are getting
requests and for what pages. You’ll also see the server version,
and some of the modules (e.g., mod_python and PHP), but you
shouldn’t need a page to tell you that!

“You’ll also see a “scoreboard” that visualizes what the Apache
workers are doing. At a glance you’ll know if Apache has a
relatively light load or if the server is being taxed”

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