Closing MySQL: Marten Mickos, Former CEO, Responds

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GM: There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding MySQL’s
future plans; could you please explain what exactly you have

“MM: We’re talking about something for version 6 [of MySQL],
which is coming out in nearly a year from now. So it’s nothing
imminent, and there was some misunderstanding by some that it would
relate to existing code–that’s not true. So for 6.0 we’re adding
an online backup module to the core product, and this backup will
be available for all and anyone. It will be under GPL–it will be
open source as we have always produced. And this backup function in
the core product will have an API of its own that allows you to
build pluggable addons to the backup. So when we introduce it, you
can do your basic backups using the features, and everybody’s happy
with that, but if you like you can build your advanced features on
top of it, thanks to the API…”

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