Comparison of Linux and Windows networking commands

[ Thanks to Doug
for this link. ]

“In my previous article describing the troubleshooting steps for
faulty TCP/IP connections, I mentioned several commands such as
ping, traceroute, and ipconfig that could assist you in pinpointing
problematic network components. These commands and several others
like them are commonly referred to as TCP/IP utilities because they
are tools that let you perform diagnostics and queries on the
network which you are examining.

“To compliment Part 1 of this two-part series, Part 2 is a
reference list of the TCP/IP utilities which will describe the
intended uses and options for each. These tools natively run in
command line interface (CLI) environments (or in Linux and Unix,
‘shell prompts’), but as several entries in this blog show, there
are a great many graphical utilities available that let you use the
TCP/IP utilities (and view their output) in graphical format. In
this article, however, I will stick with the default CLI usage and

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