Computerworld: Q&A: Microsoft’s Linux Strategist Martin Taylor

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“What are some of the lessons you learned? A year ago, we had a
pretty direct strategy. We really [wanted] to go dial down the
emotion, dial down the rhetoric, have a more fact-oriented approach
and dial up the pragmatic analysis of solutions… I initially
thought that people were really lining up Windows and Linux side by
side, and they’d say, ‘Hey, Linux gives us better TCO [total cost
of ownership].’ Actually, it’s less about that. What they know is,
‘Hey, we can save money getting off Unix or off of RISC.’ So the
question is, ‘Do we go to Linux or do we go to Windows?’ That’s
where more of the comparison comes from. When I talk to customers
and they say, ‘Hey, we can get better TCO with Linux,’ they’re not
always saying better than Windows. They’re saying better than

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