Creating Secure Tunnels With ssh

“Amoung other things, the ssh command allows you to setup secure
tunnels to remote computers. One example of creating a tunnel that
I use often is to use phpmyadmin to look at the database on a
remote server without having to have phpmyadmin actually installed
on the remote server.

“To do this I simply install phpmyadmin on my local system then
I use ssh to create a tunnel to the server that I want to interact
with. This means I don’t have to have phpmyadmin installed remotely
and I don’t have to maintain multiple phpmyadmin installations if I
manage more than one server.

“Now of course, mysql is network capable to begin with so it’s
also possible to just setup phpmyadmin on your local system to talk
directly to mysql on the remote server. However, for security
reasons you may not want to have mysql listening directly on a
public interface: have it listen on localhost but not on the


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