CRM Review: VegaPort Free CRM and Email Marketing Software

[ Thanks to Paul
for this link. ]

“The problem with “free” is that there is usually a
catch somewhere. In the case of Pravega’s free customer
relationship management (CRM) software, VegaPort, the catch may be
worth it. The Web-based software offers a range of features —
from contact management to sales accounts and email marketing
— that is well-suited to a small business looking for an
easy-to-use CRM solution that is easy on the budget.

“Why Pravega Offers Free CRM

“Pravega Inc. is a marketing network that offers its customers a
central system for marketing. Through the Pravega network, a
company can promote itself and in return receive promotions from
other customers. Before you worry about using a CRM package from a
direct/network marketing company, there is something important to
consider: You do not have to join the Pravega network as a marketer
to use the free CRM software.”

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