DesktopLinux.com: Revenge of the UNIX Nerds: McBride Shoots, Will He Score?

“Caldera is at an end. Caldera is at a beginning. It is the bet
of the times. It is the gamble du jour. It is the age of the Wise
Choice. It is the epoch of Folly. We have everything before us. We
have nothing before us. In short, the present is now so much like
the past that some of its noisiest authorities insist on its being
received, for good or for evil, only in superlatives.

“Like Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities, this is a story of
individuals swept up by history. It’s the story of an Operating
System born decades ago in Bell Laboratories, and an Operating
System born just a few years ago on a student’s PC. It’s the story
of an ‘acien reseller regime’, with its landed nobility, and a
restless population hungry for desktop bread instead of proprietary
eye candy.

“It is the story of a company born deep within Novell, a giant
which ignored first the rise of Windows, then the rise of Linux,
while in its executive corridors and on the street, the voices
calling for a revolution began in whispers, and ended in a riot of
Linux distributions…”


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