Does Euro Linux Still Have a Pulse?

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for this link. ]

“My downstairs neighbor–I’ll call him ‘Fred’ to keep his name
out of print–works for Microsoft. I don’t know exactly what his
job is–something to do with developer relations down here in the
Bay Area. But we chat from time to time about software. Now Fred
knows perfectly well I’ve been writing about Linux and open source
for the past few years. Still, we get along. I tease him about
working for the evil empire (which he joined mid-career). He teases
me about my Ubuntu tee-shirt. Then he laughs when I remind him that
I still run XP on my laptop at home. So far he hasn’t offered me
any discounts on Microsoft gear.

“We may differ in our views about software, but one thing Fred
and I have in common is that we both lived for extended periods in
Europe. Lately Fred has taken to taunting me about what he calls
the ‘flop’ of the big European drive to switch their local
governments from Windows to Linux desktops…”

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