Enterprise Unix Roundup: RIP Unix?

“It’s a little disconcerting writing your own obituary, but
recent pronouncements from Gartner’s analyst-guru George Weiss
compel me to tell you there will be no more Enterprise Unix Roundup
after 2009.

“What will kill this now-venerable column is the same thing Darl
McBride claims killed The SCO Group: a certain fat, smiling
penguin-loving operating system called Linux. At least, that’s what
Weiss claims.

“Enterprise Unix Roundup will in fact suffer a secondary death,
following the demise of the Unix operating system, which Weiss
pinned down at 2009 in his recent address to the Gartner Open
Source Summit. At that future time, he told the audience, no more
new commercial Unix applications will be created…”