eWeek: It’s Not ALL About Linux

“There’s no denying that Microsoft is worried about Linux–and
justifiably so. But, contrary to prevailing ‘wisdom,’ this fear is
not dictating Microsoft’s every move.

“Wait! Before you burn me in effigy atop a pyre of flaming
‘Linux for Dummies’ books, hear me out.

“I am discounting neither the value of Linux, nor the huge
impact it has had on Microsoft and its customers. Microsoft watches
Linux like a hawk and has folks on the Windows Server team who are
dedicated to following every open-source twist and turn. And I, for
one, am ecstatic that Redmond has some real competition, thanks to
Linux and its backers.

“But Microsoft knows there is a whole community of folks out
there who are married to the Microsoft mob. For better or for
worse. Whether Microsoft makes them richer or poorer. Until
bankruptcy do they part…”


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