Fedora Scholarship Recognizes Students for Their Contributions to Open Source Software

“The Fedora Scholarship is awarded to one student each year to
assist with the recipient’s college or university education. Now
entering its fifth year, the Fedora Scholarship reflects the Fedora
Project’s efforts to inspire college students to use and contribute
to open source software.

“The Fedora Scholarship recognizes young talent in the pursuit
of innovation. We hope to encourage and foster future technologists
to openly develop and contribute technology,” said Jared Smith,
employee and Fedora Project Leader at Red Hat. “The four previous
Fedora Scholarship recipients are extremely active in open source
communities while working toward their degrees. We believe that
open source is the right way for technology to be developed because
the best ideas win, and we are excited for the ideas our
next-generation technologists are sure to bring.”

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