First Monday: FLOSS At Large

[ Thanks to Alexandre
for these links. ]

From “Introduction: FLOSS At Large”:

“While the dimensions of the materiality and immateriality of
FLOSS remain obscure in much social studies, these seven papers,
based on a one–day symposium at the 4SEASST (4S=Society for
Social Studies of Science; EASST=European Association for the Study
of Science and Technology) 2004 joint conference held in Paris from
25–28 August given by researchers from six different
countries, offer a varied and stimulating contribution to debates
about the FLOSS development in research, covering issues such as
social arrangements of developing and implementing FLOSS across
countries, interactions between users and developers, demography of
the FLOSS community, and political–economic dimension of the
FLOSS development. Each paper raises interesting and important
empirical and/or theoretical issues in the emerging FLOSS


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