F’n Literal Rants: Bringing Open Source to the Classroom

“In American public schools, computer and multi-media
technologies have become an important part of the general
curriculum. Managing that technology has presented public school
districts with an entirely new set of issues such as technical
support, faculty training, acquisition and funding of up-to-date
equipment and ancillary support. While schools struggle with these
issues, technology budgets are being cut, new security threats to
the computer systems are being discovered and exploited, software
costs are raising and hardware is aging. It is becoming an
overwhelming task to effectively manage and keep the infrastructure
safe from external threats while also attempting to keep the
technology current. One kind of resource that can help schools cope
with this situation is Open Source Software. The use of Open Source
Software builds cost effective and secure solutions to the funding
and security problems that prevent the efficient use of computer
technology in education…”

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