Forbes: Corona is a ray of sun (shine)

“Sun Microsystems (nasdaq: SUNW) has a new baby. Dubbed Corona
for the last nine months, this new zero-administration device
called Sun Ray is expected to be announced tomorrow.

‘The aim of this new device is to eliminate the cost of
ownership of computers,’ says Gene Banman, vice president and
general manager of information appliances and WebTop devices at Sun

“Sun hopes to sell the device to universities and other
educational institutions, financial services firms, government
agencies and call centers. The device, which is roughly the size of
a notebook computer, will be leased to these institutions for
[US]$9.99 a month for five years.”

“While attempts by Sun and cohorts such as International
Business Machines (nyse: IBM) to push network computers and thin
clients have fallen flat so far, Sun Ray is the first real
credible threat to the Wintel duopoly in the corporate