Gluster Updates Open Source Storage Platform for the Cloud

“Scale-out storage startup Gluster today released version 3.1 of
its Gluster Storage Platform with dynamic provisioning features
that let administrators grow, shrink and migrate storage volumes in
virtual environments.

“The Gluster Storage Platform, which is aimed primarily at
storing large volumes of unstructured data, combines open source
software with commodity server hardware to deliver a low-cost
platform that scales linearly to house multiple petabytes of data.
It achieves this with pooling and virtualizing storage resources
under a unified global namespace managed as a single entity.

“With the release of version 3.1, Gluster has added a range of
management features tuned for virtual server and cloud
environments, including the ability to grow, shrink or migrate
across the physical machines in a cluster without any downtime or
service interruptions.”

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