Goodbye MS Exchange: Good Linux Email Servers

“Don’t pay top dollar for Microsoft lard when you can get the
best mail servers for free. The Linux world is full of great
servers, both free and with commercial support options.

“In part 1 of this series I reiterated the the obvious “Linux
Servers Are the Smart Business Choice”. Today let’s take a look at
the difference between email and groupware servers, which one you
should choose, and a selection of good email servers that run on

“Don’t Use Exchange For POP/IMAP

“A whole lot of shops, even very small ones, fork over big bucks
for an Exchange server, which requires Active Directory, which
requires one of the many versions of Windows Server (differentiated
only by price and different degrees of being feature-crippled) when
all they want is a simple POP/IMAP mail server. Every time you
touch a Windows server you incur another license charge, and if you
want actual users to connect to it you pay for those too. They
really want you to buy Sharepoint too, but it’s not an Exchange
dependency. Yet.

“Do you really need a groupware suite?”


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