GraphicsMuse: Linux Graphics News and Stock Summary – April 18, 2000

[ Thanks to Michael J. Hammel for this
link. ]

“I’ve been granted permission to use Linsider data for my Muse
site in order to start a weekly column on Graphics news for Linux.
Like my Linsider columns, this one will take a look at the past
weeks news headlines to find which Linux companies, with an
interest in the graphics market, have been in the news.

“This first week finds Corel at the top of the news with its
purchase of MetaCreation’s Bryce 3D, Painter and Kai’s PowerTools
products. No word yet on whether these will be made available for
Linux, however. Corel also announced that CorelDraw for Linux was
going to ship 2 months ahead of schedule and that VENTURA Publisher
8.5 would be available for Linux by the end of the year. For those
that are Unix die hards such as myself that don’t know what VENTURA
Publisher is, it’s a web publishing tool with document conversion
capabilities such as producing PDF files.”

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