Groklaw: SCO’s 10K, MyDoom, and the Morgan Keegan Letters

“The new SCO 10K is available. There are some interesting
exhibits, as well. What is missing in the long list of exhibits are
the Sun and Microsoft licenses. The Morgan Keegan letters are
attached as exhibits, and there is an Independent Contractor
Agreement with S2 Strategic Consulting. So where are the Sun and
Microsoft licenses? Shouldn’t they be listed in the SEC filing
also? The 10K refers to limitations on the Microsoft license, but
it doesn’t explain what limitations it is referring to.

“Another odd thing. The 10K, which is for the fiscal year ending
October 31, 2003 and which was signed and filed on January 28,
2004, mentions the MyDoom virus, which happened January 26, 2004.
It puts it in the context of adverse results from their litigation
strategy and seems to pin the blame on the Linux community, which
as it now turns out is inaccurate…

“This gives the decided impression of tremendous eagerness on
the part of SCO to include this information and to make it seem the
Linux community or sympathizers were responsible. MyDoom, experts
now say, was done by professional spammers in Russia. It also
leaves out the date of this virus, which misleadingly makes it seem
like it happened during the fiscal year ending October 31, 2003. So
what does SCO have to do now? Are they supposed to correct this SEC
filing to make it factually accurate? Speaking of attacks, what
about the last one? Was that by the same criminal spammer


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