Henry’s Techno-Musings: “The Wit and Wisdom of Chairman John”

“Here’s the deal. Chairman John has bought two ELVISes from HP,
one for us and one for our remote satellite site. Originally, the
technology was developed by IBRIX, which has since been acquired by
HP. In essence, it’s a NAS.

“But there seems to have been a slip between the cup and the

“As I understand it, it can export NFS; it can export CIFS. But
it seems that it can’t export both at the same time: there’s some
sort of locking problem. HP can’t guarantee that there won’t be

“Why am I using such vague terminology? Well, I have discovered
in the last few months that some people can have a Microsoft effect
on me. OK, one particular person. I’ve discussed this with my
colleagues. They agree that whenever there’s a meeting with
Chairman John, a fog of stupidity envelopes the room, reducing all
participants to the IQ of cattle.”